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Wheels of Life

Some thoughts on cycling in the Dharmic life.

Meditation on Rothko

A personal essay on the relationship between Rothko and Perfect Vision.

On Boredom, Bowling, Labyrinths

An essay on the importance of boredom in life.


Some thoughts on the nature/nurture argument with which we are so familiar

Why Have a Folk Manifesto?

A response to the question of how to put together a manifesto for folk music in Ireland

The Irish Inferiority Complex

This discusses the causes and manifestations of inferiority of the Irish people and its relationship with political discourse.

What is Pop Music?

An essay which attempts to define the nature of popular music in the context of contemporary society.

Ligeti, Language and the Theatre of the Absurd

Conference paper given at the SMI 2009, examining the aesthetic links between Ligeti, Beckett, and Ionesco focussing primarily on Aventures and Nouvelles Aventures.

The Heroism and Reification of Dmitri Shostakovich

A critique of the musicological mysticism that surrounds the interpretation of Dmitri Shostakovich and how it is used politically.

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